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Collection ou revue : Environmental and resource economics


Should we pay for ecosystem service outputs, inputs or both ?WHITE (B); HANLEY (N)2016
An econometric analysis of atmospheric pollution, environmental disparities and mortality rates.LAVAINE (E)2015
Why has Europe become environmentally cleaner ? Decomposing the roles of fiscal, trade and environmental policies.LOPEZ (R); PALACIOS (A)2014
Special issue. Economic analysis for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment. The amenity value of English nature : a hedonic price approach. Valuing provisioning ecosystem services in agriculture : the impact of climate change on food production in the United Kingdom. Valuing climate change effects upon UK agricultural GHG emissions : spatial analysis of a regulating ecosystem service. Economic assessment of the recreational value of ecosystems : methodological development and national and local application. The value of urban green space in Britain : a methodological framework for spatially referenced benefit transfer. Economic analysis for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment : synthesis and scenario valuation of changes in ecosystem services.DASGUPTA (P)2014
The economics of marine ecosystems : reconciling use and conservation of coastal and marine systems and the underlying natural capital.NUNES (P ALD); GHERMANDI (A)2013
The equivalency principle for discounting the value of natural assets : an application to an investment project in the Basque coast.CHIABAI (A); GALARRAGA (I); MARKANDYA (A)2013
What to value and how ? Ecological indicator choices in stated preference valuation.ZHAO (M); JOHNSTON (RJ); SCHULTZ (ET)2013
Are ecosystem services replaceable by technology ?FITTER (AH)2013
The consumption of a finite planet : well-being, convergence, divergence and the nascent green economy.PRETTY (J)2013
Wealth accounting, ecological capital and ecosystem services.BARBIER (EB)2013